Summer Friendship Program for Japanese Learners

Program Description

Experience authentic Japan with your host family and new friends!

In this program, you will do more than just learn the language; you will dive into Japanese spirituality by:

● Exploring Japanese culture

● Engaging in sustainable craftsmanship

● Discovering the natural beauty of Setouchi

● Savoring gourmet experiences

● Connecting with locals

● Staying in a homestay

The friendships you forge in this program will last a lifetime, enriching your life in countless ways!



Schedule: July 19th - 29th, 2024


● July 19th: Orientation upon arrival and the beginning of your homestay.


● July 20th: Three Japanese language classes, shopping, and a welcoming party.


● July 21st: A day with your host family.


● July 22nd - 25th: Three Japanese language classes and engaging in local activities.


● July 26th: One-day trip to either Okunoshima or Dogo Onsen.


● July 27th: A farewell party and a fireworks festival!


● July 28th: Another day to spend time with your host family.


● July 29th: Departure.


Local Activities

Factory Tour and Workshop

Join us for a hands-on experience in the traditional anchor-making industry. You will have the unique opportunity to make your own iron plate.

Japanese Tea Workshop

Experience the artistry of Japanese tea, as featured at the G7 Summit 2023. It is a special tea with a rich flavor, made from pesticide-free leaves and enhanced by the sea breeze.

Indigo Dyeing Workshop

You will observe the entire process of creating indigo dye, from the cultivation of the indigo plants to the making of the dye, dyeing, and the final squeezing. Dye a cotton bag in a traditional, eco-friendly style.

Peach Harvesting on Mukaishima Island

Enjoy the freshness and sweetness of peaches picked early in the morning! Peaches can only be savored during this season!


One-day trip

For your one-day trip, choose either Okunoshima or Dogo Onsen, and your guide will take you to one of these hidden gems.

Okunoshima (also known as Rabbit Island)

This island has a dark history of WWII poison gas production, yet now thousands of rabbits attract many tourists.

Dogo Onsen

With a history of 3000 years, Dogo Onsen is the oldest hot spring in Japan. Enjoy traditional Japanese leisure and gourmet experiences.


Party with locals

There are many members looking forward to meeting you!!



You will experience one or two host families during your stay.



Our support members, Japanese teachers, and host families will serve as your personal guides. In this area, public transportation options are limited, making car travel necessary for most destinations. We will provide transportation to various locations. All transportation expenses are covered in the participation fee. Discover hidden gems that many tourists never get to see!

Japanese Language Class


Course Leader

Ms. Kazuko Maeda

Former TV announcer with a passion for the Japanese language.

Also serves as a master of ceremonies and a nursery rhyme instructor.



Join a small group to learn Japanese. Engage in lively conversations with our friendly teachers!


Fukuyama city and Onomichi city in Hiroshima Prefecture


Airport: The nearest airport is Hiroshima Airport.

Station: Fukuyama Station, a stop for the Super Express Train (Shinkansen).



Appropriate age: Ages 15 and above (born before July 19, 2009)


Price: 263,000 Yen


This includes the lesson fee, workshops, transportation during the program, homestay, breakfast, dinner, and guide services.


Please note that transportation costs within your home country, airfare, insurance fees, lunch, snacks, and souvenir expenses are not included.


Meeting Details

Complimentary pick-up on July 19th:

● 4 PM at Hiroshima Airport

● After 5 PM at Fukuyama Station



Message from the Program Mannager and Course Leader 


Application Process

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